About SCORE Gameday Couture

Christy SCORE Gameday Couture is handcrafted by me, Christy Andersen, a pharmaceutical rep by day and designer/seamstress by night and weekend.
Coming from a family of visual artists, there has always been a burning desire to create waiting to be satisfied. When I decided to put together a quilt from the backs of my college Greek T- shirts, I learned to sew. I took some classes and, completely hooked, began making baby and wedding quilts as gifts on my grandmother’s 70 year old Singer sewing machine. My quilts evolved into bags and purses and now recently, Gameday Apparel!
How many times have you started to plan what you're going to wear to a game and realized your only choices were something with your team colors, or a boring, unflattering, team T-shirt? My friends and I have the same dillema and I decided to solve that problem! SCORE Gameday Couture was founded in 2010 and has quickly formed a vast following due to the uniqueness and quality of our products.
With several styles to choose from, I hope you will find the Gameday outfit of your dreams!
Oh - and by the way, WAR DAMN EAGLE!